Route 9 Innovation Center



Using the Library Innovation Center and Campus as a catalyst, the Department of Community Services has been working with the community to replan, redesign and re-envision the Route 9 Innovation District. The Department has development initiatives to provide housing stability, community revitalization and health and wellness. The redevelopment efforts for this area are supported by the area’s civic associations, which collectively represent over 14,000 residents.

The library and innovation center will serve a disadvantaged area on the border of Wilmington and New Castle, stimulating economic development along the corridor.

"Providing essential services to New Castle County residents is a top priority of this Council and the vote reflected that," Council President Chris Bullock said. "This library will mean a lot to the New Castle and Wilmington areas and Council looks forward to working with the administration on the development of this great County asset."

The three parcels of land along New Castle Avenue will cost about $1.8 million.

“This is a significant step toward realizing the dream of creating an innovation center that will help under-served youths improve their learning through state-of-the-art technology and revitalize an important but economically depressed part of New Castle County,” Gordon said. “I thank Council for approving this resolution in its wisdom.”

The library project, which is expected to cost about $21 million, was highlighted in County Executive Tom Gordon’s budget address earlier this year.