Alternative to Out of school Suspension (AOOSS)

Alternative to Out of School Suspension (AOOSS)


We have partnered with Colonial School District, the Boys and Girls Club and Rosehill Community Center to help steer students away from Out of School Suspension behaviors:

Starting with the use of the Ripple Effects program (explained in it’s own section). New Castle Prevention Coalition will provide reporting on student usage, feedback from students regarding topics offered in addition to provide training session for staff that will be coordinating program. New Castle Prevention Coalition will also pursue opportunities and partnerships to expand the use of Ripple Effects both as in-school and well as after-school programs.

This program is designed to provide a positive intervention in the sequence of events that lead to placement of middle school students in alternative schools. New Castle Prevention Coalition has arranged for students, who would typically receive an out-of-school suspension from McCullough Middle School in the Colonial School District, to be alternatively placed at the Rose Hill Community Center where they receive homework assistance, mentoring, some math skills remediation and physical exercise.  They also participate in an evidence based computerized prevention program called Ripple Effects. The Ripple Effects program “  provides skill training in core social emotional competencies that are more correlated with school success than IQ or specific risk factors.”


The goal of the AOOSS program is fourfold:


  • Prevent students from entering a cycle of out-of-school suspensions that lead to placement in alternative school settings.

  • Prevent gaps in academic skills and content as a result of missed classroom instruction.

  • Provide a supervised, wholesome environment with the least possible disruption to the learning process that would occur at school.

  • Expose students to a proven, evidence based prevention program early enough to be effective.