New Castle Prevention Coalition (NCPC) formalized in 2010 and became its own 501c3 in 2015.NCPC’s mission and the stimulus for its formation were to address underage use and abuse of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs. It has since become clear that the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs is a manifestation of other more systemic problems. As a result, the Coalition has sought to also address some of the issues that underpin the use of ATOD, such as unemployment and underemployment, elevated high school dropout rates, community estrangement from local institutions and a lack of advocacy. In addition, the organization’s activities provide responses to resultant manifestations of drug and alcohol use and abuse, such as and, crime and. NCPC’s primary focus is the communities (Oakmont, Dunleith, Rosehill, Mansion Park Arbor Place, Garfield Park, Overview Gardens, Holloway Terrace, Mayfield Manor, Simones Gardens, Rosegate and Trailer Community) that parallel New Castle’s Route 9 corridor, from Rogers Road to Memorial Drive, north to south, and Route 9 to Route 13east to west. However, our partnerships and alliances now extend far beyond our original boundary.

New Castle Prevention Coalition collaborates and partners with and invites to join any group or person willing to work toward holistically uplifting people and communities.