Technology Assistance Program (TAP)

Technology Assistance Program  (TAP)

Help Us and the Environment at the same time: Please donate your used or new computers and other electronics to help us provide at risk youth, veterans  and others with up to date computers, software and training for free.

How do we compete in a highly competitive global market without the use of technology? Students need technology at home to complete assignments and gain knowledge. Most employers will not allow you to walk in to fill out an application: it must be done online.

We must know about technology and how to use it. We are helping to reduce the digital divide by providing hardware, software and training free of charge.

The equipment will be Refurbished by Microsoft Certified Refurbishers. All equipment not suitable for re-distribution will be e-recycled by certified electronic re-cycling centers.

New Castle Prevention Coalition (NCPC)  and CAllUsVets  provides free hardware, software and training to disadvantaged/underserved members of the community. NCPC focuses on the youth and young adults, CallUsVets/21st  focuses on the veterans and other underserved members of the community.

Completing the Cycle:

Our priority is to augment the local community with technology that they can utilize in conjunction with what will be available at the  Innovation Center.  Once members of the community leave the Innovation Center the reality is that technology is needed to continue on with the seeds that are planted at the Center.  NCPC will help to keep the process going by ensuring that as many of our clients as possible have laptops and/or desktop computers and internet access as to enhance  their possibilities of becoming productive members of our society and work on group projects.  As an alternative to having too much idle time to increase the possibility of drug and alcohol abuse the reach of programs administered at the Center, NCPC  can be conducted on a remote basis. With technology and commitment we can help persons with barriers to education and employment to overcome them.

How it Works:

 Donations are received (equipment or monetary) .

Equipment is refurbished whether it is procured or donated.

Gifting Process:

If the hardware is available it will be gifted to the individual (if there is a backlog they will be given out from the wait list), the individual will then have an opportunity to receive training on the use of the hardware/software through partner agencies.

If the hardware is not available then they will be put on a wait list.

While there is a local need, simultaneously there will be gifting events going on throughout the area as to provide outreach and visibility to the program.

Intake and outreach is coordinated through NCPC, and  CallUsVets .

Training and high level refurbishing will be conducted inside Rose Hill Community Center (RHCC).Logistics and E-recycling will be administered by CallUsVets.



All hardware will be tested by certified CompTIA A+ certified technicians inside Rosehill Community Center ( 19 Lambsons Lane, New Castle DE 19720)

All software will have certificates of authenticity (COA) through Microsoft’s Refurbishers Program.


Please contact William at 302-751-0177 or email at wmayerii@NCPCDE.ORG

or Rudy Marshall at Rmarshall@NCPCDE.ORG

Program Highlights:

  • Find Sponsors to help support the program through donations, awareness and volunteerism.
  • Corporate and Business Partners that will provide new or used computers that can be utilized, refurbished, or E-Recycled.
  • Veterans/community members  involved with the refurbishing activities will be given an assessment for attending  CompTIA A+ certified (helpdesk technicians) training. others will be seeking entrepreneurship opportunities.
  • Screen participants for careers in the IT field.
  • Place the laptops, tablets or desktops in the hand of  disadvantaged youth, veterans (and others) that are competing for career and education opportunities in a very competitive market.
  • Provide alternatives and opportunities to our youth.
  • Allowing seniors/veterans to stay connected socially with each other and assisting veterans to re-connect with long lost friends from the military.
  • Transparency – all participants that sign the disclosure form will be listed on our website as recipients of the devices, totals of donated devices will be as well.
  • Pursue TAP eligible clients
  • Public gifting events that will provide seamless/transparent distribution/gifting of computers.
  • Provide low-cost certified computers to low-income residents to help them overcome the digital and technological divide.
  • All hardware is cataloged as to final disposition.
  • Tax Deductible


Projected Program Outcomes:

Provide participants with up to date technology.

Allow community members to determine if computer technology is a good fit for their career path.

Remove the fear of being lost in the digital and technological divide.

Online employment application/resume submission

job searches and interviews.

Group project participations online

Entrepreneurship opportunities